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Web-site of a building company VEZHA

    Business-card site
    «Mini-site» (5-7 pages), the business card of your company. Includes general information about the company, goods and services, contacts. Main task of the business-card site is  to introduce your company within Internet and to connect it with the target audience, to lead interested visitor to call the companies office in order to get detailed information.
    Corporate site
    Your companie's office via Internet. It includes the full,  constantly updating information about the company and its activities: news, press releases, goods and servises description, which company offers, answers to questions that are frequently asked by clients and partners, contact information, companie's vacancies.
    Exhaustive information about your company plus electronic catalogue of products. Site visitors can look through the price lists of goods or services, which company offers, to learn theirs descriptions, to acquaint with photos, to compare products/services between each other and if interested to appeal to the company in order to make a purchase.
    Online store gives a possibility to organize selling of the goods and services via Internet, effectively administrate electronic channels of goods’ and services’ sale. Besides the standard functional elements (customers’ basket and registration of the purchase order) the online store realizes the possibility of integration of different payment systems.
    Site promotion
    Making the site being the first one in the search results. Internet advertisements, comprehensive promotion, competitors’ monitor.
    Adveriting through the Internet
    Requests selection for advertising, advertisements’ development, experimental work on selection of the most effective places for sites,  analysis of the meter statistics, analysis of the technical accessibility of the site, dynamic statistics of competitors, analysis of the advertising activity of competitors etc.