Design studio TIZL
Support and promotion

Complete site — just the peak of the iceberg. It will not work without the support and regular operational updates. Creating a website we will provide its artistic and advertising support, without which it can not efficiently and adequately run.

We offer:
— Access to the site, monitoring the availability, operational relationship with hosting;
— Maintenance of scripts — tuning scripts for configuring the server, the elimination of errors;
— Information support — operational update, writing texts for the site;
— Promotion — the constant optimization of site content, link exchange and registration in catalogs;
— The author’s supervision for the design and corporate identity — the aesthetic correction of errors during the operation of the customer design (non-standard images, nevychitany text, layout Neformat);
— Coordination of advertising campaigns in Internet — recommendations for advertising campaigns, recruitment advertising sites and communication with them.
Services can be provided separately or in combination. Naybolee rosprostranennye complexes, we have formed in the package:

Package «Alive»
Site accessibility
operation scripts
informational support (only update)
author’s supervision for the design

Package «Growing»
Site accessibility
operation scripts
Information Support
website promotion
author supervision
coordination promotions *

* During the coordination of advertising campaigns we conduct an analysis of advertising platforms and target audience, we guarantee timely notice of the favorable circumstances for advertising, provide a report on the results. Additional fee for coordination — 10% of the scrip advertising budget.